In 2011, when Darren (8) and Stephen (5), their parents wanted to teach them a lesson in responsibility. For a young farm family, raising a couple of cows seemed like the perfect way to do that!


The boys learned how to take care of them through daily chores feeding, filling up the water trough and cleaning our their pen. Once the cattle had grown large enough for processing, the boys learned how to process and profit from selling the meat to family and friends.


What started as learning the circle of life and gaining life long skills, grew into a small business serving over 200 individuals, restaurants and catering services.

Still today, the brothers raise Black Angus cattle on the more than 100-year-old family farm in Leland, Illinois. Riskedal Beef prides itself in our high-quality beef coming from cattle that are fed a grain and grass combination—resulting in the healthiest and highest quality beef.​

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Riskedal Beef

1997 N. 43rd Rd

Leland, IL 60531

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