Why do you grill?

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

It's not about the cut of meat. It is about the amount of time you take. When your kids are young, just a few years old, you take the time to teach the grilling basics. Clean up the ash. Set up the coals. Light the fire. And then you talk to with them, most importantly—listen.

Farmer Brad with young Stephen (left) and Darren (right)

As they grow up, you listen more. Grilling becomes the time that we share and learn from each other. Because of that, the size matters.

Hamburgers are shorter conversations. How was your day? What are your goals for tomorrow?

A good roast takes a while. It's the opportunity to share relationships, successes and failures—eventually business ideas and lifetime goals.

The steps we take through life change and take us places; sometimes not as close as we once were but that is what smoking is all about. Throw a primal cut brisket on early in the morning and share a photo of that apple smoke plume by text to the ones you love. By evening you will be sharing life's experiences with those closest to you. Face to face.

The cut doesn't matter, it's the time that does.

Why do you grill?

- Dad

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